Deposizione – Jimmie Durham, Jannis Kounellis


Deposizione by Jimmie Durham and Jannis Kounellis at RAM featured installations specially created for the exhibition.

In the work created for the exhibition Kounellis deals with the theme of deposition – with which he had already measured himself in 1975, at the Pieroni Gallery in Pescara, in relation to the death of Marat.  Recovering the union between the historical drama and the poetics of reality, the presence of the world / life becomes part of the installation to give voice and weight to the collective history. The artist affirms the importance of language in diversity.  Language becomes the tool to open the dialectic and acquire a new form of freedom

For Durham, the concept of “Deposition”, stripped of its religious sense, presupposes the choice of a stable, safe, secret place.  It features a carpet of broken glasses, and at the top of a staircase, an obsidian stone.  Obsidian, breaking glasses, transforms, does not destroy, changes the shape and use of an object.  As the artist says  “You cannot destroy matter, you can eliminate its functionality, its form. If you came to your house, and you broke your glasses of wine, this would only be a criminal act, but if I buy them and break them, this is not crime, it is not destruction, it is transformation.  So, when I talk about crushing glasses of wine, I don’t mean that they are destroyed, but that they are transformed thanks to a beautiful black stone”.

The two artists are spokesmen of diversity that reflect contexts in many respects diametrically opposed. Their references rely on fixed points, typical of the history of each one and of the collective memory.

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