2005, 2006

Perhaps no city better than Gorizia gives expression to so many ideas circulating in contemporary art. This city has been separated by a wall, which has made this duplicity its opening and its charm, so it exhibits its nature as a hinge between two realities that must dialogue with each other and produce a new language born from their meeting. In the case of Editing the desire was to find a place of publication, edition, of the emerging realities for contemporary art of the East. The result was an aggregative moment that involved organizations from: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia. The landscape was inevitably varied and the materials presented gave an alternative version of dialogue with respect to current practice. Editing was born with the desire for inclusion, with the desire to undermine those forms that ask for difference and realize it with exclusion. To achieve this Editing is placed in the heart of the disjunction, of the hybrid, which is the very message of art. For this reason it is necessary to take action to make visible, to publish, that is, to make plural and common, torn away from the egotic cloister. No more exclusions. In this viable intersection, a language is created that is contagion, a border crossing, in opposition to censorship of all kinds.


– 6 – 9 OCTOBER 2005: Reinhard Bernsteiner, Heiri Häfliger, Anton Herzl – Atelier Franz West (Vienna, A) Margarethe Markovec, Angelika Maierhofer- Rotor (Graz, A) Iara Boubnova – ICA (Sofia, BG) Nicole Hewitt, Davorka Peric – Visura Aperta (Istria, HR) Jiří Ptáček – Umělec Magazine (Prague, CZ) Annja Theobald – Revolver (Frankfurt, G) Franka Kassner, Markus Merkle – MPPZ (Munich, G) Emilio Fantin (Bologna, I) Ljupcho Isijanin, Biljana Petrovska – Elementi (Bitola, MK) Cosmin Costinas, Ciprian Muresan – Version Magazine (Cluj-Napoca, RO) Saša Janjić, Aleksandar Vasiljević – Remont (Beograd, SCG) Mira Keratová, R. Fajnor- Billboart (Bratislava, SK) Alenka Gregorič, A. Ravnikar – Škuc (Ljubljana, SLO) Hajnalka Somogy – Trafo (Budapest, H) Nikolett Erõss – Cab (Budapest, H)

– #1 – FEBRUARY 2006: Vladimir Peric, Petar Mirkovic (with the support of CEI Artists in Residence Programme) – selected by Remont (Beograd, SCG) Miriam Mone e Markus Gansberger (UNZ) – selected by Rotor (Graz, A)

– #2 – APRIL 2006: PH.ON – Dario D’Aronco + Roberto Gammone- (Italy), Vesna Bukovec, Metka Zupanic, Lada Cerar (Slovenia)

– #3 – JULY 2006: Dorota Kenderova, Martin Piacek (Slovacchia), Hainalka Bessenyei (Romania)

– #4 – SEPTEMBER – OCTOBER 2006: Vlad Nanca (Romania), Tanja Dabo, Antun Bozicevic (Croatia), Kosta Tonev (Bulgaria)

18 Sounds

Title File Code Authors Participants Date Origin
Alenka Gregoric – Editing 2005/24 , 2005 EDITING
Anton Herzle – Editing 2005/11 , 2005 EDITING
Biljana Petrovska – Editing 2005/21 , 2005 EDITING
Bruna Esposito – Editing 2005/15 , 2005 EDITING
Cecilia Casorati – Editing 2005/12 , 2005 EDITING
Ciprian Muresan – Editing 2005/10 , 2005 EDITING
Danilo Cherni – Ghiaia 2005/13 2005 EDITING
Editing book presentation 2006/09 , , , , , 2006 EDITING
Hajnalka Somogyi – Editing 2005/17 , 2005 EDITING
Jiri Ptacek – Editing 2005/19 , 2005 EDITING
Lara Boubnova – Editing 2005/16 , 2005 EDITING
Margarethe Markovec – Editing 2005/20 , 2005 EDITING
Mira Keratovà – Editing 2005/18 , 2005 EDITING
Nicole Hewitt – Editing 2005/14 , 2005 EDITING
Nikolett Eroess – Editing 2005/22 , 2005 EDITING
Rainer Ganahl – workshop IV, part 1 2006/10 2006 EDITING
Rainer Ganahl – workshop IV, part 2 2006/11 2006 EDITING
Sasa Janjic – Editing 2005/23 , 2005 EDITING