RACCONTI DI VITA #4 – Myriam Laplante si racconta a Claudio Libero Pisano


LIFE STORIES #4 – Myriam Laplante tells her story to Claudio Libero Pisano

3 episodes

Myriam Laplante is a Canadian artist born in Bangladesh and now living in Bevagna, Italy.

She lives in a permanent state of doubt. Her work is a parody of the world, cynical and absurd, melancholy and disorienting, often emanating from bizarre and fantastic imagery.

Works in performance, installation, video, painting, sculpture, drawing, etc. If an image is still and from something that may already exist, it becomes a photograph. If it needs a different form, it becomes a painting or drawing. If it cannot be flat, it is a sculpture. If it needs to move, it is a performance; if it needs to move and defy the laws of nature and gravity, it is a video. If she cannot decide, it is an installation, usually with performance.




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