The project “Sound-mother” was born within the Videoart course of the Academy of Fine Arts of Catania from an idea of Alessandro Aiello/Scuola FuoriNorma.
The sense of the subject is to invite girls and boys to explore the middle ground (understood as a territory that contains music, noise and also images)and also to reflect on the concept of limit and freedom.
Students made individual sound compositions lasting 60 seconds using only music and field recordings contained in a library of 34 items.

The aim of this project:
an apparent limitation can actually be a powerful fertilizer for the imagination.
editing is a tool capable of revealing the inherent musicality of sounds and noises.
everything captured by microphones or produced by acoustic or electronic musical instruments is part of a unique universe of sonic possibilities.
Sound-soundscape is the sister project of “Re-soundscape” where Italian and non-Italian musicians and sound artists have adopted and set soundscape compositions by students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Catania (always lasting 60 seconds) in new compositions, with the only constraint not to alter them in any way.
Both “Re-soundscape” and “Sound-mother” were developed in collaboration with FKL, Radio Ciroma and RAM radioartemobile and housed within the sound archive of

The compositions of “Mother Sound” were selected by sound artist Elisa Abela.

Elisa Abela’s words dedicated to the students who participated in the project:
Dear and dear I have listened with care and great pleasure to your compositions, I am sending you two lines to share with you my feelings. Among the submitted works, relying on my taste which is obviously personal and therefore debatable, I favored the compositions in which the choice and use of sounds evoked visual imagery through hearing. This means that in some cases I was able to see and savor ambiguous horizons, more complex landscapes precisely because they were less laden with sound objects,in others the use of the word in its more usual way or of many somewhat crowded samples allowed me less space to wander while listening. So I perceived that in some cases it was strong and clear the ‘idea you chose to express, in others perhaps you had less way to hit the target although you certainly hit it!
I would add that in any case the level is very high in my opinion, and that having quantitative limits regarding the materials to work with is often a great spur to bring out the creative wildness that dwells in us!
A big hug to all and sundry.


23 Sounds