Solo Suono is a hall of the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, set up to host the MPDS audio archive as a precious container of thousands of sounds. It is accompanied by a piece by H.H. Lim which becomes an integral part of the archive: a table and eight chairs that retain their original functionality, as the intention of the artist was not to create something to be merely seen and admired. The objects that make up the installation declare with force that they do not belong to anyone, that they belong to whoever makes use of them. This archive is not locked but instead exists only if used, increased and valorised by the diffusion it will be given in the academic field, from research and study promoted among students to its use by artists. Within the groove of experience dug by Zerynthia the donation of the archive finds its raison d’être in its ability to make the files composing the archive move and walk. Exhibiting them and exporting them to create new projects and new relations in continuous transformation, towards ever new starting points. Solo Suono is also a physical space that invites one to stop and devote oneself to listening. A practice that has been killed off by the present.

Listening to art, and to the processes that lead it to define itself, means comprehending it beyond the gesture implied and manifested by seeing it.

By bypassing sight and concentrating on sound one can find the capacity to see without being shown. Sound becomes three-dimensional and conveys the complex body of the work, in each of its aspects and in each of its phases of creation, from the reflections of the artist and whoever is close by, to its being shared,and to discussion on the finished work.

It is the time surrounding the work that the MPDS Audio Archive wishes to convey.